"I believe a photo worth a thousand stories. This is MY stories."


List of places:

1. London, UK

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

I was alone in Amsterdam and London as my friends were busy with their graduation. I took a free walking tour in both cities. It was quite interesting. I know a lot about those cities in 3 hours!

I like Amsterdam! or may I refer it as the ‘Sin City’. Marijuana were everywhere. During the free walking tour, I was told that Marijuana is not even legal in Amsterdam. The authorities there focussed more on hard drugs, such as cocaine. Shops selling the weeds cannot promote that they sell it. So, all shops that selling marijuana is called coffeshop. The next best thing, The Red Light District. You know what I mean.

Tube Station

Oxford Circus Station, London, UK

the tour guide

London, UK

Wellington Arch

London, UK

Religion vs Sin

Amsterdam, Netherlands

the back alley

Red Light District, Amsterdam, Netherlands


London, UK

canal city

Amsterdam, Netherlands


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